Consultants, Educators, Researchers, and Experts in Hydraulics, Fluid Power, and Motion Technology

BarDyne, Inc. is a company located in Stillwater, Oklahoma that serves the fluid power industry through technology development and transfer, component and system modeling and simulation, specialized research and development, and intelligent monitor design and fabrication. From airplanes, to automobiles, to amusement park rides, the fluid power industry touches our lives. BarDyne’s mission is to serve that industry by providing innovative solutions using creative resources and an unmatched knowledge base.

The conception of BarDyne, Inc. and FES, Inc. began back in the 1960’s when Dr. E. C. Fitch was asked to come to Oklahoma State University to start a fluid power program. By 1970 the program had over 50 corporate and government sponsors and Dr. Fitch had 5 or 6 doctorate candidates. It was clear that a more formal organization needed to be formed. Through the next few years, Dr. Fitch and his talented staff at the Fluid Power Research Center at OSU took on a myriad of consulting and component assessment services for the fluid power industry.

With his retirement from OSU in 1987, Dr. Fitch decided to continue providing his technical expertise through the creation of FES, Inc. Soon after, they acquired all the testing equipment in the Fluid Power Research Center, which would provide the majority of the testing facilities. Soon after FES, Inc. was created, Dr. I. T. Hong was asked to serve as the president. In 1989, BarDyne, Inc. was formed to handle the increasing amount of research and development activities demanded by the industry. The two companies have been housed in the same 15,000 sq. foot building in Stillwater, Oklahoma since 1988, where they continue to serve the technology needs of the fluid power industry.

FES, Inc. offers a wide range of technical services, including but not limited to: component performance evaluation, life and reliability testing, component contamination sensitivity appraisal, fluid analysis evaluation, filtration performance assessment, mathematical model evaluation, and technical consulting.

BarDyne, Inc. serves as a research and development company that creates component and system models using both its test facilities and its pioneering HyPneu®software, which serves as a virtual laboratory for power and motion control design and simulation. Some of BarDyne, Inc.’s activities include: applied research and development contracts for industrial and governmental organizations, lecture and seminar presentations, system design and software development, technical book publications, and intelligent monitor design and fabrication.