Creating circuit animations is now easier than ever! Using HyPneu Process Animator (PA), designers can now add visual meaning to enhance their circuit designs. With this animation package, more than motion control can be applied to your circuit. The circuit logic is also animated by pressure gradients for more visual effect. Additionally, HyPneu PA allows the user to animate specific components in a system and to control the animation using an animation composer.

You can use the Process Animator to:

  • Visualize your circuit design using logic and motion tools.

  • Use Human-Machine Interface to control the simulation.

  • Show visual effects and results from simulation plotting parameters.

  • Place outputs from the Data Acquisitions toolbox on the canvas.

  • Create an animation and export a video file for others to view.

Any model used from the animation toolbox can be animated, as well as other ISO symbols that have animation capacity.

For users who have HyPneu SM, animations can be run during simulation and then played back through the numerous playback controls.