HyPneu Shape Designer (SD) is included as part of the HyPneu SE package. This useful utility is invaluable in developing unique shape designs for use in any circuit. For example, if the designer wants to draw a simple circle with two arrows extended, HyPneu SD can do it. On the other hand, if the user needs to create unique, graphic figures for illustrative purposes, HyPneu SD can do that too.

Shape Designer permits users to design and modify existing shapes or build new shapes. Through practice using HyPneu SD, designers will soon develop the ability to design uncommon and unique components often found in complex circuits.

Universal Valve Builder

The Universal Valve Builder is a function of HyPneu's Shape Designer. With the Universal Valve Builder's (UVB) building blocks, the user can create endless combinations of customized hydraulic or pneumatic directional and servo control valves, as well as add any type of controller for manual or solenoid operated valves. Designers can create unique combinations without writing a single line of code. Once the valve is built using the Shape Designer, it is easily transferred into the schematic for drawing or simulation purposes.