Manage the design process more efficiently with HyPneu Viewer, a free tool provided by the creators of HyPneu. HyPneu Viewer allows anyone to view HyPneu project files as well as leave feedback directly in the project. HyPneu Viewer allows the designer to communicate the design to any audience-design team members, employees, supervisors, or potential customers. The audience can review the complete design project file along with all simulation results to truly get a full understanding of the project. Multiple design ideas and solutions can easily be distributed to the audience as one condensed HyPneu Viewer file generated by the system designer using this unique HyPneu tool. The HyPneu Viewer is an indispensable tool in the total design management process.

A diligent designer will want to share their masterpiece with a curious and attentive audience. HyPneu Viewer quickly brings others in the engineering design team up-to-date for immediate feedback. The HyPneu project files are compressed into one HyPneu Viewer file which can easily be transmitted and viewed on any computer which has the freely distributed HyPneu Viewer. The compressed files also include all component data associated with the project and simulation results which are ready to be reviewed.

The engineering design team can provide feedback to each other by using tools provided in the HyPneu Viewer program. Those in the audience can insert comments or make suggested changes directly on the canvas for later consideration. These can then be saved and fed back to the original designer for implementation. Using the HyPneu Viewer, the audience can:

  • View and print HyPneu circuit files
  • Review component data associated with the circuit
  • Access the simulation data through the Data Presentation Manager
  • Create, edit, and save mark-ups for consideration

It is true that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” HyPneu Viewer can help the designer to visually present the design concept in ways simple words cannot. This provides the designer with a unique tool to sell his idea, bring concepts to life, and allow others to see a plan more effectively. The audience will be able to:

  • View animations created with HyPneu PA and observe how components interact and respond to simulated conditions
  • Execute hyperlinks placed on the canvas for access to additional information related to the circuit.